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Informations about State(Mizoram) of India

Mizoram is one of the northwestern states of India and its capital is Aizwal. It is bounded by Myanmar, Bangladesh, Manipur, Assam and Tripura. In the dialect spoken there, Mizoram means “Land of highlanders”. Mizo Hills are the dominating feature of the state’s topography. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Mizoram. The agricultural products grown there include paddy, maize, mustard, sugarcane, sesame, fiber less ginger and potato among other important crops. There are no small-scale industries there and the small scale industries include sericulture, handloom, handicrafts, furniture workshops, oil refining, grain milling, and ginger processing. Tourism, real Estate and Insurance are popular service providers there.

Capital: Aizawl
Established: 20 February 1987
Largest city: Aizawl
Districts: 8
Government Body: Governor - Vakkom Purushothaman, Chief Minister - Pu Lalthanhawla
Legislature: Unicameral (40 seats)
Parliamentary constituency: 1
High Court: Gauhati High Court
Region Total: 21,081 km2 (8,139.4 sq mi)
Region rank: 24th
Population 2011: 1,091,014
Population Density:
 51.8/km2 (134/sq mi)
Time zone:
 IST (UTC+05:30)
ISO 3166 code: IN-MZ
HDI: 0.790 (medium)
HDI rank: 2nd (2005)
Literacy: 89.9% (2nd)
Official Website: http://mizoram.gov.in/
Official languages:
 Mizo, English


Current page tells the reader about the Historical happenings relating to Mizoram and gives a concise note on how it was formed and what is the economic condition of Manipur

History of Mizoram:

The history of Mizoram starts of early 16th century  to 19th century when the people known as Mizos migrated from China and reconciled of the India. Mizo Hills were officially affirmed as a fraction of the British-India by a public statement of 1895. North and south hills were combined as Lushai Hills region of 1898 from beginning to end Aizawl as its control centre.

This page talks about the history of the name, geographical condition and the weather conditions of the State of Mizoram by way of introduction to the State.

Preface to Mizoram:

Mizoram is a small state of the southernmost part of North Eastern India and is endowed with everlasting diversity of countryside, hilly region, winding water bodies, well-off wealth of plants, animals and many more.

Mizoram is known for the big hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. There are as many as 21 most significant hills ranges of different heights that run from beginning to endout the state, with plains here and there. The average heights of the hills to the west of the state are about 1,000 meters’ and towards the east they range up to 1,300 meters’. Some areas of the state have higher ranges going up to a height of over 2,000 meters’ .Phawngpui Tlang also known as the Blue Mountain is situated of the south-eastern part of the state and is the highest peak of Mizoram at 2,210 meters’.

Lying of midst of Myanmar to the eastern side and southern side and of the west with Bangladesh, Mizoram has an area of immense tactical significance of the north-eastern angle of India. Aizwal, the capital of the state is perched along a ridge and is home of the Mizo people. The state is known all over the world for its kind hearted and hospitable people. So is the name of the state after the name of the Mizo people that is “Land of Mizo”.

The climate of Mizoram is mild and comfortable summer and is never very cold of winters too. This is a place of heavy monsoons during the months of May to September. The state has a population of 10, 91,014 persons of the state.

With India’s independence of 1947, the protests were done for separate state over three decades and finally the hill problems were realized by the government of India. Mizoram was given a full fledged status of a state only on 20 Feb, 1987 by an amendment of the constitution of India.


Mizoram's economy is largely agrarian with the climatic condition of the state favourable for growing various types of crops including maize, paddy, pulses, sugarcane etc. And a variety of horticultural crops such as chilly, ginger, turmeric, potato, tobacco, vegetables, banana, pineapples and other significant crops.


Cottage industry and other small-scale industries play significant roles of the state's economy. There has not been any significant industrial development of the state due to lack of raw materials.

Culture of Mizoram:

This page talks about the cultural practise of the State of Mizoram, their art, music, dance and their attires etc

Culture of Mizoram:

Mizoram is home to an extraordinary diversity of tribal people, mainly the Mizos.The colourful dance of Mizoram is called as Cheraw. It can be danced on any day other than that it is a dance which is expected to have full devotion as it used to be danced of previous times only to make sure a secure channel for the Strength of mind of a mother who had passed away during childbirth.

Lengthy bamboos are held for this dance; thus this is known as bamboo dance. The dancers shift of and out from of between and across a pair of parallel bamboos, kept alongside the ground by people sitting face to face on opposite side. The way of stepping of the dance has some weirdness. At times it gives the quivering of progress of birds. Some of the other popular dances of the state are Solakia, Chai, Par Lam Rallu Lam, Sarlamkai, etc.

The people of Mizoram love of non-vegetarian cuisine say meat. The staple food of the region is Rice that is served along pork meat. The confineds don’t  like  to take highly spiced cuisine. The male and the female flock of Mizoram like the wine prepared confinedly.  The well in the vein of drink of Mizoram is  "Zu" (tea). The men and women are fond of smoking. The basic religion followed of Mizoram is Christianity followed by Hinduism and Islam.

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Male Population : 459109
Female Population : 429464
Total Population : 888573
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State Name: Mizoram
Country: India
Country ISO code: IN
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