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Shree Venkateswara Zoo

Shree Venkateswara Zoo was made for people in 1987. The zoo has 5,532 acres to keep animals, and enough tourists can gather there to see them.The zoo has good attractions for all the tourists and these attractions are quite beautiful and commendable. There is a fine lawn filled with emerald which is a good crowd puller. A fantastic place for Peacocks is also made in there named Mayuravani. Besides well maintained herbivores house and places for small size beasts can be found there that make it an interesting zoo. Tourists can also see different types of birds which are very rare in India.


Andhra Pradesh Forest Department has the responsibility to look after this zoological park which is quite famous in Andhra Pradesh. This park is made on two particular themes- Mythology and Indian Epic according to which the park has been decorated. The management side has strongly mentioned the importance of Indian epic and mythology.


While entering the zoo a Dasavathara, taken from Indian Mythology, at the entrance can be seen.

All the portions of the zoo are named on mythology figures that make a unique identity of the park. They are mentioned below -

  • Angadha dweepam – The fence for Stumptailed macaque.
  • Nala - Neela dweepam – The fence for Baboon.
  • Bhagela vanam – The fence for Leopard.
  • Vruka vanam - wolf place.
  • Karataka vanam – a fence for fox.
  • Shunaka vanam - Wild-dog’s place.
  • Damanaka vanam A place for fox.
  • Dandaka aranya – The place for Hyena.
  • Karataka vanam - The place for fox.
  • Mruga vanam - The deer fence.
  • Grasamruga vanam – The place for Chinkara.
  • Krishnamruga vanam - The Blackbuck’s house.
  • Kanithi vanam - The Sambar’s house.
  • Mareecha vanam - The spotted deer’s house.
  • Gokulam – The fence for Blue bull.
  • Airavatha vanam – The fence for elephants
  • Karthikeya vanam - The Peacock house.
  • Kalindi Sarovar - The Spotted billed Pelican enclosure.
  • Padmakheli sarovar – A place for White necked stork.
  • Manasa sarovar - water birds’ place.


  • Address: Cherlopalli, Banglore Highway, Tirupati – 517501
  • Distance from Bus station: 12 Kms
  • Distance from Railway station: 12Kms
  • Distance from nearest Airport (Renigunta): 31Kms

Visit timings

  • Summer 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM
  • Winter 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Every Monday the zoo stays close.
  • The zoo stays open on general holidays and festive days.

Ticket charges

  • Adult : Rupees 5/- per head(Indian currency)
  • Children(aged between 5 and 12): Rupees 2/-
  • Groups of school children : free entry.