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Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan is a popular Botanical Garden in Patna, Bihar which is also familiar as Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Garden and Patna Zoo. It was inaugurated in 1973 and till date the zoo is running very well and has become one of South Asia’s largest zoos. It has also become a popular picnic place for the people and according to the record of 2011, about 36,000 people gathered there on the day of New Year.

This Patna Zoo is situated in a well-known place called Bailey Road which is now a good destination for all the couples. The zoo is built on 152.95 Acres that has given it a place among the 16 largest Zoos in India and that is why Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan has become so popular in Bihar. People get to see a huge amount of different kind of animals as over 800 animals live there and above 300 types of trees can be found there with herbs and shrubs.


At first Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan was merely a Botanical Garden but later, from 1973 it became zoological garden where people can experience different kind of trees with many animals. Public Works Department gave the zoo authority to build this zoological garden and later, in 1983, State Government proclaimed the Revenue Department as a protected are.
As the zoo is quite large people can still find the place quite secured and well protected. There are separated rooms available for different kind of animal species.

The zoo has been entertained people with the huge collections of animals there like Himalayan Black Bears and different kind of snakes, tigers. White Peacock is another attraction there that successfully pulls lot of people.

In the botanical area people get to see a huge collection of trees and shrubs. These have been taken care very well and always remain open for tourists. Orchid room and Rose garden are among the crowd pullers.


Over 800 different kind of animal species are living there and entertaining people every day. Kids or adults always remain surprised when they get to see beautiful Royal Bengal Tiger and Leopard. Spotted dear and Black Bucks are quite famous in the Zoo. Also the name Giraffe and Zebra can be mentioned here for being good crowd puller.

People also can find medical tress there which is well-known in Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan. For the huge collection they are able to impress all the people visiting the zoo.

A good amount of income comes from aquarium section as there are over 35 species of fish available.


Address: A - 412, A. G. Colony, Road No. 4, Patna, Bihar 800025, India

Contact no: +91 9835403902, +91 9472665760, +91 9931232020

Visit timing

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The zoo remains open for morning walk from 5.00 to 7.45 am and people don’t have to spend money for that. From 9.00 am the zoo opens its gate for tourist. Only on Monday the park there is closed.

Ticket charges

Adult Entry Fees – Rs. 15/-
3 years to 12 years – Rs. 5/-
Kids below 3 Years – Entry Free
School Group – Rs. 4/- per child

Other charges

Kids Train: Kids: Rs. 10/- and Adults: Rs. 15/-

Fish Home (Machhali Ghar): Kids: Rs. 5/- and Adults: Rs. 10/-

Shishu Udyan (Kids Garden): Kids: Rs. 5/- and Adults: Rs. 10/-

Boating: Rs. 75-90/-

Videography: Personal – Rs. 100/-, Commercial – Rs. 3,000/- and Film Shoot – Rs. 15,000/-

Commercial Videography – Rs. 3,000/-

Film Shoot – Rs. 15,000/-