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Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden

Sakkarbaug Zoological garden, a well-known place at Junagadh, Gujarat, was inaugurated in 1863 which is also called as Sakkarbaug Zoo and Junagadh Zoo. The zoo is covering an area of about 490 acres. They have a program for imperiled breeds that are now on the decrees in other countries, apart from that people can see pure bred Asian Lions in there. These Lions have now vanished from most of the places of Asia, they can be found in Gir Forest.


The zoo was built in 1863 and got a place there for a museum of animals in the veterinary hospital in 2000. When it opened, People got chance to see many skeletons of wild animals like Asian Lion, Panther, Wild Boar, Black Buck, Blue Bull, Spotted Dear. There were other interesting things like feathers of different kind of birds, different kind of eggs and Beaks. There is a discussion going on to expand the museum, for the model of it is already ready.
The Management Advisory Society team has been created for the zoo in 2008 to look after the development and financial aspect of it.

In the year 2009, two African Cheetahs were brought to the zoo after selling three lions to the Singapore Zoo, these two African cheetahs cannot be found anywhere in India except for here. There was a Cheetah at there who died sixty years before.

Recently in 2011, Indian gaur, Malabar giant squirrels, marmosets and green pheasants have been brought to the zoo and sold two Asian Lions to Mysore Zoo. Then the Zoo declared that they were raising at least 40 Lions and Lionesses at there.


The zoo has over 525 mammals and 597 birds and they are all kept with a good care. This is why this zoo has managed to make a mark in India. There is a museum for all tourists where different kind of paintings and sculptures are stored.


Address: Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden, Junagadh,Veraval, Gujarat
Location- one has to travel 3.5 kms to reach the zoo from the city.

Visit timing

Open: 9 am to 12:15 pm and 3 to 6 pm.
Closed: Wednesday

Ticket charges

The fee would cost only Rs. 3 per person.