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National Zoological Park Delhi

The National Zoological Park popularly known as the Delhi Zoo is a sprawling 176-acre zoo close to the Old Fort in Delhi. The zoo is the abode to nearly 1350 animals. Animals and birds from all over the world are found here and they represent almost 130 species. One can walk through the zoo on foot or move around in a battery-operated vehicle which is available for hire at the zoo. Visitors are not allowed to bring any food. Only drinking water is permitted. There is a canteen for refreshments within the zoo .


The Indian Board for Wildlife, in 1952, formed a committee to explore the possibility of creating a zoo in Delhi. In 1953 the location was approved and in 1955, N.D.Bachketi of the Indian Forest Service was assigned to supervise the making of the zoo. The Northern part of the zoo was complete in 1959 and animals which were made to live in momentary pens were shifted to their permanent dwelling place. The park was inaugurated on November 1st 1959 and was named Delhi Zoo. Officially it was renamed as the National Zoological Park in 1982.


The right section of the zoo has animals housed in enclosures. Animals like African wild Buffalo, Gir Lion, Zebras, Spider Monkey, Hippopotamus and chimpanzee would be seen.  On the left you will encounter Hyenas, Macaques and migratory birds like Peafowl. You will also find jaguars in the swamps that were originally intended for aquatic birds. The underground reptile house lies in the middle of the zoo.


The Delhi Zoo is one of the finest zoos in Asia and is located close to Purana Qila.

Visiting hours:

9:00 am to 7:00 pm (April to October)
9:30 pm to 4:30 pm (October to March)
The park is closed on Fridays.


Charges are Rs. 10/- per adult and Rs. 5/-per child between 5 to 12 years.

Foreigners, apart from children below 5 years are charged Rs. 50/- per person.

Students and staff from Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational Institutions are charged Rs. 5/- for an adult and Rs. 2/- for a child.

An adult using a Battery operated Vehicle would be charged Rs. 35/-, while a child between 5 and 12 years would be charged Rs. 20/-.

There are no charges for wheel chairs for the physically handicapped.
A nominal charge of Re. 1/- will be charged for every piece of luggage deposited in the cloak room.

Filming with professional video camera would be charged Rs. 500/- and domestic video camera would be charged Rs. 50/- for a day.