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Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is located in Visakhapatnam amidst Kambalakonda Reserve Forest.

Positioned between two hills and the Bay of Bengal on the east, this park covers an area of 625 acres and is the biggest zoo that is surrounded by natural reserve. Tourists are attracted to it due to the presence of various types of animals and birds and the beautiful natural surroundings.


Opened to the public on 19th May 1977, this Zoological Park is named after The Former Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Surrounded by the scenic Eastern Ghats on 3 sides and Bay of Bengal on the fourth, it covers an area of 625 acres (2.53 km2) of Visakhapatnam. Located adjacent to the Kambalakonda reserve Forest, around 80 species of birds and animals inhabit this park which represents their natural environment. These parks together are a must see for tourists.


The 80 species of animals are classified into various sections of primates, small mammals, reptiles, carnivores, lesser carnivores, ungulates and aves. Lions, tigers, panthers, bears, jaguars and pumas are contained in the carnivores section. Lesser mammals include wild dogs, hippopotamus, jackals, hyenas and wolves. All three types of crocodiles are conserved in a separate section reserved for reptiles and crocodiles. Various species of monkeys are housed in the primates section and water lizards and pythons can be viewed by visitors in the reptile section. A rare collection of birds unknown to the region are also accommodated in the zoo. Visitors must abide by the rules and regulations which are placed under strict supervision of the authorities and trainers for the welfare of the animals. The zoo also offers elephant back rides to the visitors.


The Zoo Park is located near Mathurawada on the National Highway 5 (India) about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the Visakhapatnam railway station.

Contact no. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam - 530 040

How to Reach This Place

Road : Visakhapatnam is 350 km from Vijayawada and 650 km from Hyderabad. Bus services are available to Tirupati, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

Rail : Visakhapatnam, a major junction on the commercially important Chennai, Kolkata rail line is well connected by rail with New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Express trains are available daily to all these four major cities.

Air : Connected with Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Indian Airlines flies to Hyderabad daily and five flights a week to Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata.

Visit timings:

Public viewing at The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam is open on all days of the week between 9.00 A.M to 5 P.M, except Mondays. The zoo is a must visit for tourists in Visakhapatnam.

Ticket charges

Ticket Prices:
Adults = Rs. 10/-
Childres = Rs. 5/-
Cars = Rs. 200/- with up to 5 occupants.
Camera tickets: Still = Rs. 10/-; Video = Rs. 75/-

There is a toy train run by the zoo which visitors can hop on and tour the park, in case they do not have their own vehicle. Do check its timings at the entrance.