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Waterfalls of India

India has been blessed by some of the nature’s choicest blessings. Waterfalls of India are but only one form of this blessing. Watching water gushing below with full force is a sight to behold. They seem to satiate one’s senses. Mist raising from the water falling from great heights make the environment simply ravishing and stunning. Greenery all around enhances the beauty by several notches. No doubt, waterfalls are a feast for eyes. Some of the most popular waterfalls of India are-

Barehipani Falls: Though located of a very remote area on Budha Balanga River of Orissa, this waterfall attracts a large number of tourists who come here to see the mesmerising beauty of this waterfall. Balasore is the nearest railway station, to reach this spell binding waterfall. A smooth road connects this waterfall with the destination. From an impressive height of 399 m, the water falls with a thunderous roar offering a scene to be saved of memories forever.

Toseghar Waterfall: A well-liked tourist attraction, this stunning water fall can be accessed by bus from Pune. It is nestled amidst verdant Western Ghats of the popular Satara district, Toseghar displays heart-touching scenery. The height of about 300m, the amazing fall leaves people wishing for more.

NohKalikai Falls, Chirrapunji: Located of Meghalaya, North Eastern fringe of India, this place is popular for maximum rainfall of the country. Falling from an impressive height of 335 m, this waterfall simply numbs senses and leave tourists spell bounded with its stunning beauty. Visitors come here from far flung areas.

Athirappilly Waterfalls: Kerala’s one of the most prominent waterfalls is sure a well-known tourist spot of this beautiful state. It's positioned on the Chalakudy River, amidst the mighty Western Ghats, and many other natural attractions like Vazhachal Falls surrounds them.

Dudhsagar Fall: Located on the border of Karnataka and Goa, this waterfall also attracts a large number of tourists. Since the water falling from great heights looks like milk from a distance, hence the name Dudhsagar given to this attraction. People love to enjoy a bath of the small pond that is created from the water falling from this great height. Though chilly, this fresh water awakens senses and brings a thrill of life. 

These waterfalls are no doubt a fine example of God’s gift as nature to the entire mankind. Vistors love to enjoy visiting them and enjoying a wonderful time with friends and family.

Waterfalls of Andhra Pradesh

Akashganga waterfall | Kuntala Waterfall, Adilabad | Pochera Waterfall | Talakona waterfall, Chittoor

Waterfalls of Arunachal Pradesh

Bap Teng Kang Waterfall | BongBong Waterfall | Nuranang waterfall, Tawang

Waterfalls of Assam

Akashi Ganga Waterfall, Dabaka | Champawati Kunda Waterfall,Nagaon | Kakochang Waterfall| | Sivakunda Waterfall

Waterfalls of Bihar

Kakolat Waterfall | Madhuvdhandam Waterfall | Manjhar k Waterfall, Sasaram | North Tank Waterfall

Waterfalls of Chattisgarh

Chitrakoot Waterfall ,Jagdalpur | Satagawan Petro Waterfall, Nawada | Teerathgarh Waterfall, Bastar

Waterfalls of Goa

Arvalam Waterfall | Chorla Waterfall | Dudhsagar waterfall, Mandovi Stream | Kesarval Waterfall, Panaji

Waterfalls of Gujarat

Gira Waterfall, Waghai

Waterfall of Himachal Pradesh

Machhrial Waterfall, Dharamsala | Rahala Waterfall

Waterfalls of Jammu and Kashmir

Kokernag Spring Waterfall | Verinag Spring Waterfall, Anantnag

Waterfalls of Jharkhand

Dassam Waterfall, Ranchi | Hudru waterfall, Ranchi | Jonha Waterfall | Panch Ghagh Waterfall

Waterfalls of Karnataka

Apsara Konda Waterfall | Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Waterfall | Lalguli Waterfall | Nisargadhama Waterfall

Waterfalls of Kerala

Adyanpara Waterfall, Nilambur | Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall, Kottayam | Athirapally and Vazhazhal | Kalakkayam Waterfall

Waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh

Bahuti Waterfall | Bhoora Khon Waterfall | Kapildhara Waterfall

Waterfalls of Maharashtra

Berki Waterfalls | Dugarwadi Waterfall, Nashik | Nagartas Waterfall | Vajrai Waterfall ,Satara

Waterfalls of Meghalaya

Beadon Waterfall | Bishop Waterfall, Shillong | Kynrem Waterfall, Cherrapunji

Waterfalls of Mizoram

Vantawang Waterfall, Serchhip | Vantawngkhawhthla Waterfall

Waterfalls of Nagaland

Mihki Waterfall | Wawade Waterfall

Waterfalls of Orissa

Ammakunda Waterfall | Badaghagra Waterfall | Bagra Watterfall | Barehipani Waterfall

Waterfalls of Rajasthan

Bhimlat Waterfall, Bundi

Waterfalls of Sikkim

Khangchendzonga Waterfall | Naga Waterfalls , Northern Sikkim

Waterfalls of Tamil Nadu

Bana Theertham Waterfall, Tirunelveli | Kalhatti Waterfall, Nilgiris | Kalikesam Waterfall, Kanyakumari | Karteri Waterfall, Nilgiris | Kiliyur Waterfall | Ullakarvi Waterfall, Kanyakumari | Vaideki Waterfall, Coimbatore | Vattaparai Waterfall

Waterfalls of Tripura

Dambur Waterfall | Hamham waterfall

Waterfalls of Uttranchal

Corbett Waterfall | Kempty Waterfall | Tiger Waterfall

Waterfalls of Uttar Pradesh

Vindham Waterfall, Varanasi

Waterfalls of West Bengal

Khola Waterfall | Motihjarna Waterfall

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