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Informations about State(Uttar Pradesh) of India

Uttar Pradesh is in the north part of India. Surrounded by Bihar in the east, on south direction there is Madhya Pradesh. Utter Pradesh is amongst the fifth largest territorial state in India. Utter Pradesh is surrounded by agricultural land and beauty of nature.

The population of utter pradesh is fifth in reference among all other Indian state. Utter pradesh is Famous for its historical importance the famous cities in Utter Pradesh are Varansi,Kanpur,Allhabad. The capital of utter Pradesh is lucknow. Lucknow is famous for its historical importance and its nawabi culture.People in Uttar Pradesh comes from different religion and origins.

  • Capital: Lucknow
  • Established: 14 November 1834 (as Uttar Pradesh)
  • Largest City: Kanpur Metropolitan Region
  • Districts: 72
  • Government Body: Government of India, Government of Uttar Pradesh
  • Legislature: Bicameral (404 + 108 seats)
  • Parliamentary Constituency: 80
  • High Court: Allahabad High Court
  • Region Total: 243,286 km2 (93,933.2 sq mi)
  • Region Rank: 5th
  • Population 2011: 199,581,477
  • Population Density: 820.4/km2 (2,124.7/sq mi)
  • Time Zone: IST (UTC+05:30)
  • ISO 3166 code: IN-UP
  • Vehicle Registration: UP XX XXXX
  • HDI:  0.490 (low)
  • HDI Rank: 25th (2005)
  • Literacy: 69.72% (29th)
  • Official Website: http://www.upgov.nic.in/
  • Official Languages: Hindi, Urdu.

History behind the state name :

The name Uttar Pradesh means the Northern Province. The name was coined after independence of 1947 when the united provinces of the princely states of Rampur, Benares and Tehri-Garwal were renamed as Uttar Pradesh.


The State Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state of India. The total population count is well over 199 million as per 2011 census report. It comprises 16.4% of the total population of the country. The density of the population is 828 people per square kilometre. The most significantity are Hindus followed by Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. The tribal population is also significant of Uttar Pradesh and the government of India has marked the Agaria, Baiga, Bhar, Bhoksa, Bind, Chero, Gond, Kol and Korwa as the main people.

Geographical situation:

Uttar Pradesh is mainly made up of the upper Gangetic plains of the north and the Vindhya Hills along with the plateau region forms the southern part. The northern border of the state is made up by the neighbouring country Nepal while the north-west is bordered by the Indian states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan borders it to the west, at the south Madhya Pradesh, at the south-east Chattisgarh and Jharkhand and at the east Bihar borders Uttar Pradesh.

The civilization of Uttar Pradesh is a mix of traditional Hindu and insurgent Muslim trends. of architecture the statement stands mostly accurate as here both the variants of architecture can be seen. The state boasts of traditional music tenet of Lucknow Gharana and Benaras Gharana which also has been depicted of the Kathak dance form.

The folk heritage of the state is very rich and its music includes some of the basic type of classical Indian music as Khayal. The Qawwali which beextensiveed to the muslim civilization once is also very much practiced of the folk civilization of Uttar Pradesh. Raslila, Ramlila are simple enactments of Hindu mythology accompanied by heavy music and songs are said to be of the region’s folk origin.


The cuisine of the state consists of both vegetarian and non vegetarian types. A vegan dish is mainly made up of Chapatis or rotis, daal, vegetable curry, rice, curd, pickles and sweet meats as gulab jamuns, rabri, laddus, petha, jalebi and kheer.

Non vegan dishes are mainly of the Mughal origin. It is said that the Mughals made the best non vegan dishes and they first introduced the conception of fast food which were initially prepared of battle fields for soldiers. Kebab, Kofta, Korma, Biryani and keema are just a few mughlai non vegan dishes.

Weather conditions:

The prevalent climatic condition is sub-tropical of nature. The climate is not the same everywhere of the state at every time. It is so because of the variety of geographical conditions. The average temperature during summer is 32.5 degree Celsius while it ranges between 12.5 degrees to 17 degree Celsius of winter. The state has a distinct monsoon season starting from June and ending of September.

History of the State:

The archaeological excavations depict the history of Uttar Pradesh as some 85 thousand years old. This the place that gave birth to Rama the Hindu god then Krishna another most significant Hindu god and also Swaminarayana whose name is mentioned of Hindu religious texts.

The Gupta Empire, the Kannauj and the Rajputs ruled over the region before the Mughals. Mughal Empire was established over the region after Akbar defeated Hemu of the second Battle of Panipat. The next significant rulers were the British who named the region as North western provinces. After independence the region was named as Uttar Pradesh by it’s the then Chief Minister.


The population of Uttar Pradesh has 908 females per 1000 males and the literacy rate is 69.72%. For the past ten years the population growth rate is 20.9% with 14.9% as children below six years of age. The child sex ratio is alarming at 899 female per 1000 males.

Economical in order:

The growth rate of economy of Uttar Pradesh is currently at 6.4% which is pretty close to the miracle growth rate slated at 7% by international standards. The main economic pillar of the state is its agriculture providing occupation to 46% of the state income.

The industrial economy is also not far behind the main trend of agriculture. Uttar Pradesh hosts 2.3 million small scale industries with Kanpur as its main economic hub. Noida has emerged as an IT hub for the state with Lucknow following to be the next most significant. Major Industries as Hindusthan Cables, HCL, Reliance Industries manufacturing division is located of Uttar Pradesh. Tourism makes up for a considerable part of the economy. Over 8.8 million tourists visit Agra for the World famous Taj Mahal.



The carnivals of the state mainly centre on the Hindu and Muslim festivities. Holi, Dewali, Dussera, Ram Navami, Janmastami, are some of the most significant hindu carnivals while the two IDs, Barah Wafat, birth date of imam Ali ibn Abitalib are main Muslim carnivals. Buddha Jayanti, Guru Nanak birthday and Christmas are celebrated by the Buddhists, Sikhs, and Christians respectively.


Over 80% of the population is of the Hindu religion while the Muslims make up to 18% of the whole count. The rest is comprised of the Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Jains.


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